Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Have you had your Green Smoothie today?

I've been wanting to make green smoothies for a while now but I thought it would really hard to make it yummy enough for everyone in the family to drink. I copied a recipe one time and tried to share it with Brianna and she seriously gagged. 

I decided to give it another try. This time I was going to "wing it".  I put 5 whopping handfuls of spinach, 1 cucumber, some mixed berries, OJ, and flax oil in it. It was delicious! It tasted better than something from tropical smoothie. And, it got Brianna's approval. (See pics below)

Today I tried to make another one. It wasn't as good as yesterdays but it was pretty good. Philipe even said he didn't mind drinking it. He doesn't understand the whole concept but he'll drink it if I make him. ;) Hopefully, this will be an easy way to get to Bri to consume her daily veggies.

Friday, December 26, 2008

My baby's a big girl

Tonight was monumental. Every night when it's time for bed we have the same routine. It ends with me saying Brianna are you ready to go Night night? She comes running over with a smile on her face signing and saying milk, I nurse her, put her in her crib, and she falls asleep comfortably with no fuss. Well, tonight after our bath she watched a little Diego and started to look tired. She went pee pee on the potty, I put a diaper on her and asked her if she wanted to go "Night night". She didn't sign anything or say anything. She just put her arms up in the air for me to grab her so I put her in her crib and she fell asleep with no fuss and..... no boob! I thought I would be excited when this day finally happened but I ran to Philipe with tears in my eyes saying maybe we should go check on her cause, obviously, something is wrong with her. LOL. Since I've been pregnant I stopped offering to nurse her. I only do it when she asks (unless she is extremely cranky and needs to chill out). Well, she doesn't really ever ask anymore. I'm so happy this is all happening on her terms. I'm anxious to see how she's going to react when the new baby gets here. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

5 months!

This pregnancy is going by so darn fast. It's insane! I know I'm going to be so sad when it's all over. I just want to savor it as much as possible. I couldn't be happier that we're having another little girl. It's so exciting. It think God was definitely looking out for us because with us buying this house I couldn't imagine having to buy new stuff for a boy. It's perfect! I know Bri will be so good with a little baby sister. I'm sure they'll be super close. (*finger's crossed). 

I'm really excited about ECing this baby from birth. I have a friend (Natacha) who EC's her little boy. He's 4 months old. It's so exciting watching him go on cue. He gets really happy after he goes too. It just seems so natural. Plus, washing diapers every other day sucks!

Well, without further ado... here's my 5 month (21 weeks to be exact) belly pictures. Enjoy my fullness! I am!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bri visits Santa

Today Philipe and I took a trip to the mall to finish some Christmas shopping and get Brianna's pictures taken with Santa. It was great! I for sure thought she would cry bloody murder and Philipe and I would end up sitting on Santa's lap too. I even put make-up on just in case. She was awesome. While she didn't smile, she tolerated the big guy for a good 5 minutes. The pictures suck. The sun is always right in Santa's face. You'd think they'd relocate him or set up camp in a shaded area. Oh well! I'm just so proud of my baby girl. 

This year money's a little tight so I'm having Bri make Christmas presents for family. I love doing crafts with her. She has so much fun and I can just see her little brain connections firing up. I love it! Any who... There were 2 parties we were suppose to go to this evening. Once I got home from being out ALL day I didn't feel like changing and getting ready to go out again so Bri and I stayed home while Philipe went to some Christmas party a guy from the fire dept was having. We had a blast. I pulled out the finger paints and she went to town on making presents. We even talked about who we should give them too. And, she was sure to tell me every color she was using. She's so darn smart! After Christmas I'll have to let you know what we did for gifts. I know we have dedicated grandparent readers and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Enjoy the pics... of course they're in reverse order. 

Bri, finger painting.
telling me, "purple"

an expert with the paintbrush

Mommy's happy little artist

tolerating Santa

Bri and Mommy, waiting in line (for an hour) to see Santa
Before we saw Santa we had to make sure we had full bellies. Bri loves her some mac & cheese!
See how swollen her bottom gums are!?!? Hopefully, that puppy breaks through soon!
Hair is a little frazzled, but still cute as ever!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's a...

Girl! So, Brianna is going to have a little baby sister. How exciting! I hope they'll be the best of friends. Yeah, wishful thinking. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not a whole lot of new stuff going on. Brianna is doing great on the potty. She just goes and pees on it whenever she needs to. I don't have to read to her for 30 minutes while she sits on it either. As soon as she sits on it she does her business and then jumps up to go play. 

Tomorrow we go to get an ultrasound. Everyone keeps asking if I'm excited. I'm really excited about seeing my little baby on the screen but I don't care if it's a boy or a girl. I'll be just as happy either way. This just isn't like it was with Brianna. I know how bad Philipe wants a boy so that would be cool it were a boy but I really don't care either way. 

A few weeks ago I posted that I saw the documentary, "Orgasmic Birth". Well, my friend Jen borrowed it from someone and she let me borrow it from her so Philipe and I could watch it together. He didn't want to watch it (because of the title) but he did because I told him it would mean a lot to me. He really enjoyed it. He really thought it was going to be a bunch of women having orgasms while they gave birth (which I thought too) but it wasn't. It was just about enjoying your birth to the max. And it doesn't have to be excruciating pain if you give in and allow your body to do what it was made to do. There were a couple times he had to get up and even asked me to pause it until he got back. It was great! We talked about how awesome it was when Bri was born and how much we appreciated each other and how it brought our love for one another to a whole new level. I can't wait to feel it all again!

Here's some pics I took recently. Brianna's been all about her little cowgirl hat lately. She's always naked at home so it's so cute to see her run around with her hat on. I have some super cute butt shots of her wearing her hat but there's a lot of perv's out there so I'm not sharing those. These will do.

She has to have her reading material. LOL

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Give-Away

First, let me tell you why my doctor is better than your doctor. She rocks! I totally forgot that Dr. Punger is not in the office on Thurs. so I figured I would just wait till tomorrow. Well, around 9:30 I got a call from her office telling me she would meet me at 1:00. After reading my 4:00 in the morning post, she was kind enough to make time from her busy day to see little Bri. Turns out Brianna is okay. Her fever and miserableness is just from her teething. Thank God! I can not wait till these teeth break through. Bri is so good with teething but these are definately throwing us for a loop. Her fever still won't break. I get all freaked out if she has a fever for over 24 hours. We're going on 48 hrs now. They tylenol and motrin helps but I hate having to give her that stuff. Anyways....let me tell you another reason my doc rocks.... She is doing a "Holiday Give-Away" of her book, Permission to Mother: Going Beyond the Standard-of-Care to Nurture our Children, on her blog. Go on... go check it out! See how you could win a free copy of her amazing book. Here is a copy of the review I left a while ago on Amazon:

"I'm not sure if there are enough words to describe how much Dr. Punger's book inspired me. Once I opened the book I couldn't put it down! After reading it I feel confident in the way I raise my daughter. In a society that is shaped by social norms and fear of what others might think, Dr. Punger enlightens that we can choose the way we raise our children. 

Dr. Punger portrays birth so beautifully and really reminds us that the experience we have while bringing new life into the world is enitrely up to us. My husband and I are anxious to have our next child at home. 

Dr. Punger also inspired me to switch to cloth diapers, something I NEVER thought I would do. My daughter had 3 UTI's by the time she was 8 months old. I never thought they could possibly be caused by disposable diapers. But now it makes sense! There are tons of chemicals in those things. I'm glad she pointed that out. None of my daughters doctors ever told me to try switching daipers. They just did really invasive proceedures that had inconclusive results. I'm fairly new at the cloth diapering but Brianna has been free and clear of UTI's since switching. 

Since reading "Permission to Mother", I have also decided to breast feed longer than I intended. Actually, I'm not to sure how long that is but I know I don't feel I need to put a time limit on it. I'm comfortable with letting my daughter decide when she is ready to wean. 

All in all, "Permission to Mother" is the most incredible, inspiring, and empowering book I have ever read. I love it and strongly recommend it to everyone!!!!!"

This is defiantely a must read for all mothers, or mom-to-be's. Just go to her blog and say that you heard about her book from me (Trish) and you'll be in the drawing to win a free copy of her book. Okay... Enough bragging about Dr. Punger.

Funny story here.... today after taking Bri to the doc Philipe met up with us. We ate lunch and went and got out Christmas tree. When we got home I had to make room for the tree. I put the tree stand where Brianna's potty usually sits and moved her potty right next to it so she would still see it. Philipe was outside getting the tree ready and I was clearning a path for him to walk through. Bri told me she had to go "pee-pee" so I gave her the go ahead. I looked over and she was peeing in the tree stand. LOL! It was friggin' HILARIOUS! She even had that look of accomplishment she usually has when she pee's on the potty like a big girl. Once she saw me cracking up she got a little confused. Bless her little heart! I love that little girl. Those are little moments I'll never forget.

Praying for sleep

So, it's 4:30 AM and I've been up since 2:15! Brianna is going through something horrible and is refusing to go back to sleep. Yesterday she started running a fever. I'm assuming it's her teeth. She's got 3 coming in right now so I alternated tylenol and motrin a few times. She's been sleeping through the night for the last 2 months now so when she woke up at 2:15, I knew something had to be wrong. She was burning up. 103 temp! I feel so bad for her. I nursed her for about an hour and everytime she fell asleep and I tried to take my boob out of her mouth she would scream. Finally, it got to the point of no return and she didn't even want to nurse anymore. She insisted that I turn the TV on. So, I did. That only lasted for so long. Then she wanted her water, then a banana, and now and apple and Diego. I am sitting on the couch watching Diego while Bri eats an apple. Ususally, this would not fly but it's so hard when they're sick. You just want them to be happy. Plus, if she cries I'm afraid she'll get all worked up and her fever will come back. I think when this Diego episode is over I'm going to take her for a ride and maybe she'll fall back alseep. Pitiful! I know! But desperate times call for desperate measures. I need to go to Walgreens anyways to get more tylenol. I know her fevers going to come back. Hopefully, we can get into the doctors, this morning. I'm pretty sure it's her teeth but I just want to make sure it's not her ears or something like that. Well, I hope everyone has a great day. I know mine is going to suck!