Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here's some pics of the goats.

This is the sweet one

This one is a jerk

Brianna, waiting for the goat to come eat her carrots.

I am so crazy about this kid! It's not even funny! I just love her to pieces. This morning Philipe went out back to work on the dog run. He's building a shelter the dogs can go under to escape the sun and the rain. He's so darn handy. Brianna kept begging to go outside so I got us dressed and out we went. Of course she had to go help her daddy for a bit and talk to the goats. I was on a mission to make them like me today.  I brought carrots with me. I tried so hard to get them to come eat out of my hand. No luck! Once I was in there for a while I felt comfortable letting Brianna come in. I really think I'm able to read animals. I think it's an extra sense I have. Anyone who knows me can tell you that. I don't trust the big one (let's call him Jerky) so I just made sure she didn't get close to him. I can tell the littler one is a sweet heart. He's just scared, shitless! Especially, cause Jerky's ramming a horn into his heiny every 2 seconds. Anyway... Brianna really wanted to try and give the goat a carrot. She started walking towards him and he saw she had a carrot. As he was walking towards Brianna I asked Philipe if he thought I should be worried. He said yes and before I could even get up to monitor the situation they were pals. He was eating the carrot out of her hand and standing right next to her while he chewed it up. i stood up to give her some more and he got spooked and ran. I had been trying all morning to be buddies with this little guy! I got really excited and ran and got the camera which spooked him even more and he wouldn't play with Bri anymore. Oh well. This was all the footage I was able to get.

LATER..... I have tons of updates on the goats. We're all the best of pals! The little guy runs up to the gate when he sees me. Then he rubs up against me till I pet him. I'll have to tell you all about it tomorrow. Grey's Anatomy is on and I can't focus on 2 things at once. Tootles!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I've got 2 goats in my backyard right now and I'm loving it! A friend of ours picked up some goats that some people had as pets but couldn't afford anymore. Philipe helped him out and they decided to put the 2 of the goats in the dog run so they could clear out the brush for us. They're super cute!!! Bri likes to try and feed them carrots (I hope it's safe to give goats carrots), but they seem really shook up so they just run from us. They seem to come closest to Brianna when she offers them food. I'm not to sure if it's cause they like her or they want to ram her with their horns. They just got here today so I figured I'd give them a day to adjust before I try to befriend them. They're both neutered males. One is a year old and the other one is four. It's obvious the older one is in charge. Anytime the little dude gets close to him he rams him. Bully! I hope he doesn't try to do that to me tomorrow.

I started going through all Bri's clothes today and unpacking newborn clothes. It got me really excited! If anyone buys this baby any clothes I think I'll murder them. LOL. There are so many clothes that Brianna never even wore. I can't wait to dress me new little bambino! I've been having a ton of contractions lately. It's starting to get a little uncomfortable. They don't hurt so much, but I'll be in the middle of doing something and I'll feel my uterus get hard as a rock and it makes it a little difficult to do things. I had a lot of contractions when I was pregnant with Brianna too so I'm not to worried. My midwife told me you usually have more braxton hix with every pregnancy. That means I'm ahead of the game. My uterus is already preparing for delivery. Woo hoo! Maybe this baby will slide on out. LOL! Wishful thinking. I know this sounds crazy but I kind of hope I don't have a super quick labor. I want to savor this whole experience. Especially the part where my baby is getting ready to enter the world. I was in labor with Brianna for about 12 hours. That seemed perfect. Looking back on it, it seems like it was a matter of minutes. 

I'm on a blogging roll here! Maybe you'll hear more from me tomorrow ;)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Big pee pee" on the potty... alas

Right after I posted my blog the other day something BIG happen! Brianna pooped on the potty! This is huge! It's no secret that when we're home Bri is usually bottomless. It's the only way she'll pee on the potty. I can usually tell when she has to poo cause she'll come and tell me she has to go pee pee while holding her butt. I'll tell her to go on the big girl potty. She'll say, "Oh" (like she totally forgot) and go sit on it, let out a fart and say, "noooooo". She then gets up holding her but telling me she has to go "big pee pee" but won't try to sit on the potty again. I usually put a diaper on her at this point cause I'm afraid she's going to get all backed up or something. LOL. I knew the only way she was going to make the connection was if she pooped on the floor and I made a big deal about how it's suppose to go in the potty. So..... I had to bite the bullet and just let her poop on the floor. The other day she was playing in her play room and started freaking out, screaming, "Momma, help me!" I knew what had happened, I just hoped it didn't happen on the brand new carpet. It did! It was a mess! I explained to her that we go poop on the potty and it seemed like she understood. The next day she ran to the potty holding her butt saying, "pee pee' but didn't make it quick enough and it hit the floor about a foot in front of her potty. The next day was a success!!! It was right after my last post. I was chatting with Laura and Brianna ran by us, holding her but saying, "big pee pee". She sat on her potty and pushed for a couple seconds (to much detail?) and out plopped the biggest turd! I was so happy I almost cried. She didn't want to get up though. It was like she was afraid to see what she just did. I stood her up to wipe her butt and showed her that she put her poop in the potty and she got all freaked out. I think she thought the thing was going to come alive and beat her up. I don't know. After I flushed it she ran up to me with a big smile and said, "Good girl, big pee pee!".  I can't believe she finally did it. All by herself. I'm one proud momma!

Philipe and I have been talking a lot about our garden we plan to start once the babies born and we're all situated. I can't wait! I have lots of research to do. I have so many plans for our 1 acre! LOL. Once we've got our garden in order, I plan on getting some chickens too. I can't wait. I remember growing up on my grandpas farm and looking forward to the morning so we could go find eggs. It was like Easter, everyday! I want that for my kids! I also want them to learn where their food comes from. I think it will be a great experience for everyone in our family, and we'll have yummy eggs to eat and know exactly where they came from. At first, I didn't think Philipe would be on board but I think he's taking it in. I've been reading a lot about raising chickens and following a few blogs of people who have decided to add chickens to their lives. I can't wait to build my coop! 

Yesterday morning Philipe, Brianna, and I were all laying in bed. The baby was going nuts so Philipe had his hand on my belly and was making loud, "Wow's" and "Holy Cows". This got Brianna really intrigued. She always kisses and rubs my belly but she never wanted to feel it move. She kept her hand on my belly for a good 30 seconds and the baby started kicking. Her face was priceless when she felt it. Philipe and I couldn't stop laughing. And the louder we all got, the harder the baby would kick Bri's hand. She was so excited. Now, she'll come sit next to me and keep her hands on my belly until she feels the baby move. She loves it. My computer still isn't recognizing my camera but I took some pics of her with my lap top.
Brianna thinks my belly makes a nice arm rest

Waiting to feel sissy move

Kisses for the baby

And, I'll end with a video of Bri doing her letters. 

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Loving life on Silver Oak Dr.

The fact that there's SO MUCH going on in my life right now makes me not want to blog. I don't even know where to start.... so I don't. Hence, why you haven't heard from me in a million years. My computer is not recognizing my camera either so I feel like blogging is no fun with no pictures. This post is probably going to take me a few days to write but I know I'll feel good once I write it. Here goes:

We moved on Saturday, March 7th. This just so happen to be the same day of one of our friends wedding, that we totally forgot about till the last minute, and the day of our priest's funneral. The one who married us and baptized Brianna. Yup. I still feel like crap for missing it but that was the only time we had to move and Philipe was determined. I have the best in-laws in the world. My 2 brother in laws were there to help and my MIL & FIL were at the old house first thing in the morning loading up their truck. My mom came over as soon as she got off work and cleaned our bathrooms for me. Our first night at the new house was weird. It kind of felt like we were camping or something. (Geee... I'm glad I decided to finally blog about this because I recall thinking this is crazy... I'll have to blog about it, but now I don't really remember how it felt.) I think I remember the second night being even more weird but I don't remember why. I do remember Brianna having a couple huge melt downs... like I've never seen before. It must have been really hard watching everyone take her toys from underneath her. It was obvious the move was emotionally draining on her... on all of us!

On Sunday Jen and her crew (family) came over and helped. She unpacked boxes while I looked around wondering what the heck were we thinking for moving right now. Her hubby, Dave, and Philipe went and got a ton of stuff out of our old garage. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again... I have the best friends a girl could ever ask for. 

I stared at boxes for the next 2 days and pretty much freaked out. I probably went through a bottle of Rescue Remedy. Poor Philipe. When I get super stressed out Philipe is like my security blanket. He's such a wonderful husband. There was so much he needed to be doing but he kept telling me he couldn't do anything when I was all anxiety stricken. I love that man!

So... we've been here 2 weeks and I love it! My dad finished the tile throughout the house and is now working on our bathroom. We finally got our toilet in our master bathroom put in. That was a huge relief because the other bathroom is clear across the house and being 8 months pregnant, having to pee every 2 hours, became quite a pain in the rear. The bathroom looks awesome! I can't wait till it's finished and we can all take showers together. Brianna is going to go nuts with 2 shower heads. She won't push me out of the way anymore. I'm not even sure she'll want to shower with me anymore after taking baths in the "big bath" every night. 

Another something new... I've been a cooking machine! Maybe it's my way of nesting since all the baby stuff is still in the attic at the old house. Philipe doesn't know what to do with himself, having home cooked meals every night. We were the master order outers (I know that's not a word). We also wasted A LOT of money when we were suppose to be saving. I hope I keep this up after the baby comes (With a short break for my 2 weeks of baby-mooning in bed...I'll explain more later). 

I don't know if I've said anything about my friend Christina and her boyfriend, Steven, buying a house down the road before. Well... my friend (who until recently I probably would have just considered an aquaintance), that I went to middle and high school with just bought a house down the road. 1.5 miles to be exact. Oh...she started a blog to. Check it out, Sweet Home Silver Oak. Anywho, having them down the street has been a real treat for me. I have a feeling we're going to be friends for a LONG time now. Brianna really loves her too. I'm sure the fact that they have a pretty cool dog helps. Christina introduced me to Paula Dean (not personally) and she and I have become pretty good friends too. Thanks Christina! Steven and Christina remind me so much of me and Philipe, pre marriage and baby. I can't wait to see how things unfold for them. 

Hmmm..... Brianna's been a real tropper in the heat of all the action (minus the 2 horrible tantrums that almost made me want to bring her to the hospital because I seriously thought something was wrong). I'm pretty sure she's getting her 2 year molars cause she's been waking up a few times in the middle of the night. She loves to run up and rub my belly and tell me all about Sissy. She's talking in broken sentences now, which is crazy and I love it all at the same time.  Oh... I never blogged about it but a few weeks ago (old house) we were in the shower and Bri kept staring at my boobs. Maybe cause my nipples are darker???? LOL. Anyways, I pointed to them and said, "Brianna, what is that?" She looked at me and said, "Sissy milk". I couldn't believe it! I asked her again the next day and she said the same thing. Philipe's mouth almost hit the floor. My kid is a genius! She really understands that theirs a baby in my belly. And she remembers where she got her milk from. I can't believe at 18 months old, she was able to put the 2 together. Crazy!!! 

Hmmm.... Philipe has been working on the house like a maniac. I feel like I never get to see him. I can't wait all the work is done. I have a feeling he is going to find more projects for a LONG time. The poor guy is so beat at the end of the day. I hope he takes a little breather when the baby comes and realizes I'm going to really need his help.

The other day he was outside painting fence posts and he called me and said there was a cocktail on our roof. I'm know for catching animals so I said I'd be right out. As I opened the door, he came walking towards me with a bird in his hand. He caught the little bugger. It was the sweetest little bird. Bri loved holding it and petting it. I called my mother in law and she came and got it. It is now pals with her other cockatiel (the one I caught a few years ago).

Pregnancy is going great! I'm 33 weeks. It's going by so fast! Starting to get a little uncomfortable but nothing to bad. My biggest complaint would be my hips and it's getting hard to breathe. All normal stuff. I can't wait to meet my little baby. I get so excited I can't sleep at night. I wonder how the birth is going to play out. Will I give birth in my tub or on my brand new carpet? LOL. Will it be in the middle of the night or during the day? Will Brianna be in a good mood and be part of it all or will she get freaked out and have to go somewhere with my MIL? I hope she's here. That would be awesome. I never screamed when I was in labor with her or anything crazy like that so I can't imagine her getting scared. I think the only thing that would bother her is that I wouldn't come to her when she called me like I normally do. And, she gets all worked up when we go to the midwife and Alanna checks my blood pressure. I can't imagine what she would think Alanna was doing to me when she pulls a baby from between my legs. Or, will I pull the baby up to my chest? I picture her being pretty hands off and from what I hear and what she says, she likes to be hands off. But in the heat of the moment I might want her to help me. The cool part is... I HAVE A CHOICE! These are just things I think about. We'll see how it goes. I don't have a set plan in mind so I won't be disappointed either way. As long as my birth goes smooth and my baby is healthy, I am happy!

I hope this wasn't to long and boring for you readers. I'll try to keep up with posting but there have been way more important things going on lately. It's slowly settling down though. My main goal is going to be enjoying time with my daughter while she's still the "only child". Lots of love to everyone and thanks to everyone who has helped make this move possible.